How Much Do Smart Drugs Cost

brain pills Let me start out by making this as clear as I are able to, it’s possible to increase your intelligence then there is research to prove it.

For quite a while the prevailing view may be that boosting your intelligence was impossible. It was considered that your IQ as well as a most mental capabilities was largely dependant on genetic factors, and even though it could be depending a stimulating environment while becoming an adult, after you reached adulthood it had been locked into place, merely to gradually decline as they age.

Neuroscience research from your last two decades has now shown this is not the case. What these scientists can see is that as their pharmicudical counterpart can grow new cells and reconfigure itself industry by storm new challenges, known as neuroplasticity.

Below are some of the proven approaches to increase IQ:

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (often abbreviated as tDCS) will be based upon the idea that you’ll be able to stimulate specific areas in the brain by passing a smaller electric current over the area using non-invasive electrically conducting pads positioned on the scalp. Crucially you will discover robust safety protocols which show the practice is entirely safe.

The technique was created to help patients who had experienced a stroke, brain injury or experienced learning difficulties. More recent research in healthy adults have demostrated the technique doubles to enhance cognitive performance.

By directing the latest to specific elements of the brain, participants could gain improvements inside a diverse array of areas including; maths ability, problem solving, languages, attention/focus, coordination and memory.


In case you’ve not heard of them before Nootropics are any drugs, supplements or regular foods that improve mental functioning. Now it may be as basic as Omega-3 rich oily fish like Salmon, or those student food favourites like Walnuts and Blueberries that are full of essential brain beneficial vitamins. And if you’re aiming to give your body the essential building blocks it requires for neurogenesis (growing new cognitive abilities and neural connections) they are a must have.

However you will discover several pharmaceutical products available that will also increase mental functioning, either by improving synaptic plasticity or by raising the production of key neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and acetylcholine.

It will probably be worth remembering that any pharmacologically active drug might have unwanted side effects. If you are considering using any one of these to improve your IQ it is best to discuss this that has a doctor first.

There is definitely an comprehensive number of nootropic drugs situated on the ‘Nootropics’ Wikipedia page so I won’t bother repeating it here.

Cognitive Training Exercises

When the majority of us think of increasing our IQ, simple ‘brain training’ style exercises it is possible to do in your house is probably that which you have in mind. Many companies have promoted many different brain training software, playing with the vast majority of cases these games are not effective at increasing IQ, only at boosting your ability to play that specific game.

Fortunately you will discover several well researched exercises which has been shown to give real, lasting, transferrable increasing in working memory, fluid intelligence and IQ scores.

The Dual N-Back workout is one such technique. In a 2008 study by Jaeggi et al on the University of Michigan titled Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory, the Dual N-back exercise was demonstrated to give ‘dose dependent’ improvements in fluid intelligence. Dose dependent simply means the more the participants used the process the bigger improvements they got.

In a nut shell this is one way the N-back exercise works. You are presented that has a series of letters one after another, and must identify when the present letter is the similar to one that had been already presented a particular number of items ago inside the series. This number would be the ‘N’ in N-back So let’s say you were given this series below, and would look for matches that have been 2-back:


The second time you saw the letter S you’d say it appeared two steps ago (2-back).

The Dual N-back preps exactly the same principle only it’s slightly more challenging. This time rather then only one series and keep track of you’ve got two. First the group of letters as above, and also a the same time some spatial locations using a 3×3 grid.

If you manage to hold track of both series a minimum of 80% almost daily the exercise increases ‘N’ by one, so you go to the 3-back level. If you don’t score a minimum of 40% then ‘N’ reduces by one. By continually changing to your performance the sport keeps you working for the edge of your capability, ensuring your head gets a good workout.


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