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dbol test cycle Building muscle is an extremely strenuous and complicated job that requires plenty of dedication and consistency. It is on that basis that you need to be doing everything possible to optimize your results during every single workout session. Here are 5 common stuff that people make it happen absolutely kill their body building results.


This might be one from the most common main reasons why 90% of people which are trying to gain muscle mass find the maximal results they can be. When bodybuilding it is important that you’re employed hard in the fitness center, however it is vital that you spend a more impressive portion of time not in the gym coping with the intense workouts you’re putting your whole body through. It is strongly recommended you keep your exercise techniques to 45-60min and that you just workout a group of muscles only once weekly.

No Goals

Whether its bodybuilding, shedding pounds, starting a profession or whatever we all need to set goals. Goals are what drive us to try and do and adhere to certain things. When it comes to muscle development goals undoubtedly are a very crucial and important section of the process. Building muscle without goals is similar to going somewhere with no map eventually you’ll receive to the place you want to go nevertheless it will take a great deal longer. You should be setting both quick and lasting goals, this will help to to keep you going as well as help give you a perception of what you must do.

Lack of Progress Tracking

This is totally huge, and I notice all the time while working out. Most people are not tracking their results and inevitably it really is causing them to lose out on their true bodybuilding potential. Keeping track of your results will not only help motivate you nevertheless it will show you that you’re at and the place you should be going next. It is important to monitor the exercises you choose to do, the body weight, sets, and reps. Keeping track of your results and whatever you do during a workout session will also make it easier to remember what we did last time so that you simply can improve the intensity for future workouts, that will ultimately enable you to build more muscle.

Poor Nutrition

Nutrition literally is the reason 50-60% of the body building process. It is crucial since it plays a tremendous roll in the bodybuilding process. You can have the most beneficial workout from the world, and do all with the best exercises for body building but if you aren’t giving your whole body what it must repair itself you will never start to see the results that you simply should or expect. Very few people understand that muscle is constructed outside the gym. If there seemed to be a ratio for muscle development it would basically look something similar to this. 15% workout, 30% Rest, 55% Nutrition.

Poor Form

This doesn’t only hinder your gains but will likely vastly enhance your chances of tearing or pulling muscles. There are basically 2 advantages for the use of poor constitute the first is in no way a big ego, plus the second is really a lack of knowledge. If you are categorized as the category with the second instance that it is essential that you perform some research on how to properly perform each exercise. However if you’re apart on the vast majority of people that have big ego’s while working out and try to too much weight then you might be looking for trouble. Every gym must have a sign posted saying ” Leave your Ego on the Door”. Lifting huge amounts of weight with the expense of your form isn’t macho its absolutely stupid and senseless, all of which will cause more injury and fewer muscle gain.


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